Permit to Carry Application – Fill out and turn into your local Sheriff – Minnesota

Florida Carry Application – Our Permit to Carry class is valid for the Florida permit!

Handgun Laws – Find out where your permit to carry is valid.  *Subject to change without notice.

Reciprocity – What states are honored in Minnesota – Actual commissioner site.  Get it from the horse’s mouth!



Silencer Shop – Purchase silencers/suppressors, your gun trust, and have them file the paperwork for you!  Cuts time down in half!!

ATF Form 1 – Form that allows you to build and register an NFA device.  2016 version that is 41F compliant and can be filled out.

ATF Form 4 – Form to register an NFA purchase.  2016 version that is 41F compliant and can be filled out.

ATF Form 5 – Form for tax exempt transfer and registration.  2016 version that is 41F compliant and can be filled out.

ATF Form 5320.23 – NFA Responsible Person Questionnaire.  2016 version that is 41F compliant and can be filled out.

ATF Form E-File – ATF accepts electronic form submissions for certain forms.  Currently Form 4 cannot be e-filed

Minnesota Gun Trust Lawyer – Ben Rust Law Firm.  HIGHLY recommended to setup your gun trust

199Trust – Get your NFA gun trust for $79!  Bypass getting your fingerprints and picture taken, along with Law Enforcement sign off.

What Do I Send to the ATF? – When submitting your Form 4, this will list what needs to be sent.



FBI Voluntary Appeal File application – Do you get delayed on your NICS check?  Submit this and stop the pain of waiting! – Find firearms up for auction/sale.  Most require an FFL to transfer to.  Find a gun, and an FFL here.

Gunbroker Fee Calculator – Find out how much a sold item on will cost you.  (*Basic auction.  Does not include add-ons.)

National Rifle Association – You know who they are, and what they stand for.

Shooting Ranges – Search for ranges here.  Throw some lead!

Gun Shows – Find gun shows in your state.  Drooling over firearms is a great way to spend the day!

Gun TV – Watch online or where syndicated.  Home shopping network for guns!  Send your purchase to us!



MN Department of Natural Resources – Purchase your hunting or fishing license online!

Dahlbergs Taxidermy – A great place to get that trophy done!

Our Facebook Page – Like it for Facebook Only deals and updates!

Our MeWE Page – No firearm restrictions like Facebook!

Youth Firearm Training – Get your Minnesota youth firearm training information here!

Online DNR Safety Certificate – Take the course online in order to purchase a hunting license for those born after 12/31/1979.

Youth Online Course – Future hunters aged 11-17 can complete the online course, and schedule a field day to obtain their certificate.

National Shooting Sports Foundation – A very good source for industry, shooting, safety and hunting.

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Current Remington/Bushmaster/DPMS Rebates and Promotions – Changing all the time!