FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to purchase firearms over the internet!  Please read the following FAQs before attempting to purchase a firearm.

Q.  Can I really purchase a firearm through your site?
A.  Yes!  There are some restrictions though.  First, Minnesota residents must be at least 18 years old to purchase a long gun, and 21 years old to purchase a hand gun, or one requiring a permit to purchase.  You must also provide proof of residency in Minnesota.  Those living outside of Minnesota can also purchase, as long as they follow federal, state and local laws.

Q.  How can I get a permit to purchase?
A.  A permit to purchase is required for hand guns and certain long guns.  You can obtain an application from your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.  If you have a Minnesota permit to carry, it can be used in place of the permit to purchase.

Q.  Are there any other restrictions that would prevent me from purchasing a firearm?
A.  Yes.  You cannot be a strawbuyer (purchasing for someone else that would be denied), have a felony, be a fugitive from justice, illegal user of a controlled substance, mentally ill, and some more that you must admit to on the required paperwork.

Q.  I purchased a firearm from another store, but did not pass the background check.  Can I get my money back?
A.  NO!  Be fully aware of your situation BEFORE you purchase.  You will not be eligible for a refund from us, and must work it out with the original store/retail location.  If you obtained your permit to purchase or permit to carry, and did not have any situation that would deny you since you obtained it, you should be OK.

Q.  The firearm I just purchased is defective.  Can I return it to you?
A.  No.  You must go through the manufacturer to correct any defects.

Q.  I live out of Minnesota, can I still buy from you?
A.  Yes!  However, you must supply a Federal Firearms Licensed contact in your state.  Typically a fee is charged by the receiving FFL holder.  Sorry, I do not (and in some cases cannot) deal directly with a purchaser that resides outside of Minnesota.

Q.  Can the firearm be shipped to me?
A.  No.  Federal law requires that the transaction is completed at the address listed on the license.  Transaction location will be in New Prague, MN, or at your desired FFL.

Q.  I live closer to another FFL in Minnesota, can I complete the transaction through them?
A.  Yes!  If you live closer to another FFL, and would like it shipped to them instead, you, or the FFL holder, must supply the FFL information.  Again, a transaction and background fee may be charged by the receiving FFL holder.  A shipping fee may also apply.

Q.  I purchased a firearm, and need it sent to an FFL.  Can I use you to complete the transaction?
A.  Absolutely!  The place of purchase will need my FFL information, and I am happy to work with you.  Be advised that there is a transaction fee and a background check fee comparible to other FFL holders.

Q.  How do I pay for my purchase?
A.  Credit cards are accepted through our secure service.  Cash is accepted at time of order.  Personal checks and money orders must clear before an order is placed.

Q.  Do you ship internationally?
A.  No, we do not ship internationally.

Q.  Are all guns new?
A.  The guns purchased from this site are new unless noted!

Q.  Do you take trades?
A.  Depending on the firearm, we may.  Please don’t expect top dollar on a trade, as we are a business.  We are not taking trades as a buyer for our personal collection.

Q.  Can I purchase a silencer/suppressor from you?
A.  YES!  Starting on July 1st, 2015, we are now a Class 3/SOT dealer.

Q.  When will a firearm, or other product, become available?
A.  We are unable to determine when products will become available.  However, to be notified when it does become available, please fill out the contact form with the SKU number, or Manufacturer Number.  Phone calls requesting this may go unanswered.  Using the contact form, or email, will yield best results.  (It’s just easier to filter through emails vs. voice mails.)  A wish list option is also available.

Q.  The firearm I purchased from you is damaged.  How do I get this fixed?
A.  Please inspect your firearm BEFORE you sign off on it.  Once you sign for it, it is considered used, and we will not accept it as a return.  Refuse to sign for the firearm, and have it returned.  Some manufacturers may accept them to be fixed once signed for, but there are no guarantees they will accept it, or repair it free of charge.  New (unsigned) firearms that are damaged can still be returned, and replaced.

More questions?  You can contact us at sales@hollowpointfirearms.com.